This section includes all the publications, selected presentations and reference documents associated with the work conducted in the Consequential life cycle assessment of multi-modal mobility policies – the case of Luxembourg (CONNECTING) project.

Selected papers presented by the CONNECTING team

<link http:>Social Simulation Conference 2016, Phd Colloquim - Uncertainty propagation from Agent-based Modelling to the Life Cycle Assessment modelling context 

<link http:>SETAC 2016 case study symposium: 

  • <link http: embed lca2016 files lca2016_programme_book_v4_dd.pdf>Uncertainty propagation in ABM/LCA coupled models
  • <link http: embed lca2016 files lca2016_programme_book_v4_dd.pdf>Large-scale hybrid LCA of passenger multimodal mobility policies and scenarios
  • <link http: embed lca2016 files lca2016_programme_book_v4_dd.pdf>Defining consequential LCA of mobility policies focusing on a specific demographic group: the case of cross border commuters

<link http: eman2017>EMAN 2017 - Uncertainty and hybrid life cycle assessment

    <link https:>SETAC 2017 Uncertainty characterization in hybridised life cycle inventories – A case study on mobility scenarios in Luxembourg

    Advised readings

    MA T-Y. CHOW J.Y.J., XU J. 2016. Causal structure learning for travel mode choice using structural restrictions and model averaging algorithm. Transportmetrica A: Transport Science. DOI: 10.1080/23249935.2016.1265019, 

    <link http: doi full>

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    From the CONNECTING Team and Partners:

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    From the CONNECTING Team and Partners:

    Marvuglia, A., Benetto, E., Rege, S., Jury, C. (2013) Modelling approaches for Consequential Life Cycle Assessment (C-LCA) of bioenergy: critical review and proposed framework for biogas production. Renew Sust Energ Rev 25, 768–781.

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    From the CONNECTING Team and Partners

    Querini, F., Béziat, J. C., Morel, S. et al. (2011) Life cycle assessment of automotive fuels: critical analysis and recommendations on the emissions inventory in the tank to wheels stage. Int J Life Cycle Assess 16(5), 454–464.

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    Suh, S., et al. (2004). "System Boundary Selection in Life-Cycle Inventories Using Hybrid Approaches." Environmental Science & Technology 38(3): 657-664.

    From the CONNECTING Team and Partners:

    Gibon, T., et al. (2015). "A Methodology for Integrated, Multiregional Life Cycle Assessment Scenarios under Large-Scale Technological Change." Environmental Science & Technology 49(18): 11218–11226.An application of the hybrid framework used in CONNECTING: Hertwich, E. G., et al. (2015). "Integrated life-cycle assessment of electricity-supply scenarios confirms global environmental benefit of low-carbon technologies." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112(20): 6277-6282.

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