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Welcome to CONNECTING website!

CONNECTING is about providing scientific knowledge of potential environmental consequences  to the decision making process in the context of mobility.

Specifically the research project performs consequential life cycle assessment of multi-modal mobility policies on the case of cross border commuters of Luxembourg.

Combining agent-based approach and LCA approach

How should the positive and negative environmental consequences of policy actions targeting the future mobility challenges of society be assessed? This is the question addressed by CONNECTING project!

The project team will focus its research work on proposing an operational tool for the consequential Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of mobility scenarios, rooted in the development of an integrated agent-based environmental assessment model for the specific case of Luxembourg’s cross-border commuters and their choice of transport mode. The development of a combined agent-based/LCA approach is, to the best of our knowledge, unique in the research community.

More info about the CONNECTING, its concept, objectives and innovation impact.


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