Towards sustainable cross-border mobility

CONNECTING has the aim to provide guidance for the evolution of mobility, building on the principles of sustainability.

The individual possibility and willingness of movement defines the mobility of human beings. These factors are influenced by policy actions with the aim to guide mobility towards a desired state. These policy actions impact mobility along the three pillars of sustainability:

  • transport systems shape the possibility of movement thus are pertinent for social inclusion and equity
  • vehicles, infrastructure and their use are affecting the environemt through e.g. emissions and resource consumption
  • depending on the efficiency of the transport system mobility can be an asset or constraint for economic development

Focussing on the environmental dimension of mobility, road transport is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and atmospheric pollution. Policies to increase public transport use and foster electro mobility are pursued to help achieve Luxembourg’s target of reducing GHG emissions by 20%.

CONNECTING addresses the research endeavour of assessing the impact of such policies and is framed within these national priorities.

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